Ms Zobaida Jalal, Federal Minister for Defence Production (MoDP)

Ms Zobaida Jalal, Federal Minister for Defence Production (MoDP)

With the nation making its bold steps to becoming a recognized defence products exporter, we wish to extend our utmost congratulations to ARMS JOURNAL for its role as a platform that enhances the prestige of our country’s defence-industrial enterprises. Theirs is a much needed, timely, and vital undertaking that should be embraced by their intended audience.

Pakistan is now at a crossroads, with boundless potential to grow as an anchor of stability and a conduit for regional commerce. These possibilities were manifest at the last IDEAS expo in Karachi where various companies under MoDP participated. Thanks to the peerless leadership of Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO), whose management helped envision IDEAS and guide its successful conduct.

Given its present state of industrialization, Pakistan is now ready to export armored vehicles for clients who need resources for their national security. The success of the Al Khalid main battle tank, for example, stands as a peerless achievement proving once and for all how formidable our national industries are

Pakistan is also an emerging bright spot in aviation and aerospace technology. Today the success of the Super Mushshak trainer and the JF-17 multirole fighter aircrafts are undeniable proof that local expertise and talent are fast becoming competitive in the global arena. The same applies to the capabilities of local shipyards, whose range and craftsmanship are exemplary.

Another field of promise is in telecommunications and microelectronics.The country, with its ample human resources and industrial programs, is an attractive destination for manufacturers responsible for assembling sensitive technology. Pakistan is a hotbed of innovation thanks to the zeal of its entrepreneurs and the determination of its engineers.

Sooner rather than later, Pakistan will be recognized for the quality of its firearms, munitions, and ordnance. Under the stewardship of MoDP,the country’s state-owned factories are able to roll out high demand end products at substantial volumes.

From the blinding heat of steel mills to the thunderous roar of missile boosters, the Defence Production Enterprises of Pakistan under MoDP have brought the nation to the verge of export-led growth and will continue the journey of its success.

“Pakistan Zindabad!”


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