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Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) is biennially organizing International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) since year 2000 as a mega defence exhibition in Pakistan. The 10th Edition of International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS 2018) is scheduled from 27-30 November at Karachi, Pakistan. In this regard, team of Journalist from AJ discussed various details of IDEAS 2018 with Major Gen Ahmad Mahmood Hayat, HI(M), Director General DEPO.

AJ:Tell us about DEPO?
DG DEPO: Established in year 2000 as a national platform, Defence Export Organization (DEPO) is supporting defence manufacturers and services sector’s exports through Promotion, Facilitation

and Coordination. Working in close coordination with Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), Joint Staff Headquarters, Armed Forces and Public-Private defence industries of Pakistan, it promotes the defence production potential of public as well as private sector industry of Pakistan. International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) is the flagship event of DEPO which is biennially organized for latest technology demonstration of national and international defence products.

Lockheed awarded $945.9M for Saudi THAAD missile system
March 5 (UPI) — Lockheed Martin was awarded a $945.9 million contract in the first down payment for a $15 billion buy of missile defense system by Saudi Arabia.The contract, awarded by the Missile Defense Agency and announced Monday by the Department of Defense….

Subsequent to extensive preparations for almost two years the much anticipated 10th edition of International Defence Exhibition and Seminar,…

(GIDS) Pakistan’s Premier Defence Conglomerate
GIDS is a young yet dynamic corporate institution that spearheads the mandate of government in “industryto-industry Defence collaborations” and technology initiatives….

Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 Highlights
Held in Singapore, the heart of Asia Pacific, Unmanned Systems Asia presents cutting edge innovations in the industry’s fastest growing markets, across a wide spectrum of commercial and defence applications…..

Turkey Has Plans For A New Attack

Turkey’s powerful SSB, an inter-government office for directing local armaments production, announced the launch of a new project for a “heavy attack” helicopter…..

The Incredible History Of The Dragoon ASV

The Dragoon 2 is best suited for police and other security forces tasked with dangerous missions, like border surveillance and counter-terrorism.

Iran introduces idigineously made MANPADS

The highly publicized military exhibition in Tehran dubbed Eghtedar 40 has yielded a wealth of details and photos on the different weapons manufactured by Iran….

Pakistan showcases versatile NASR precision missile system

The official news agency of Pakistan’s armed forces released photos and video promoting the “Nasr” short-range ballistic missile. This particular weapon system was shown off in the beginning of the decade but its operational use with the army is unclear….

Virtual Reality in Combat Training

ilitary Life is all about preparing for every imaginable situation throughout. The training never ends, it’s a continuous process; the men and officers go on about their respective fields in an unending circle. The object is to achieve perfection and absolute state of preparedness….

Why Pakistan Needs the Russian Mi-35M Attack Helicopter in its War on Terror

The Mi-35M, the export variant of the Mi-24 gunship helicopter, was developed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and has been in production since 2005. It has been exported to Brazil, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Venezuela….

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(GIDS) Pakistan’s Premier Defence Conglomerate
The Incredible History Of The Dragoon ASV
10TH IDEAS Post Show

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International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS).


Lockheed awarded $945.9M for Saudi THAAD missile system


Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 Highlights